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Daily Care

Philadelphia Daily Care for Seniors

Professional At Home Daily Care Services

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware & Chester County

Daily care is the process of creating the foundation of a routine, regular and consistent care to a person on a daily basis, from which those in need are able to build a healthy lifestyle. While daily care can be given to people with any health issues, the elderly tend to be the ones who benefit the most from regular, professional daily care.

Why Call Right Aid for Daily Care Assistance

Daily care for seniors is a trying task when it is undertaken by a family member or a caretaker close to the senior, which is why daily living assistance is provided as a service by us here at Right Aid Home Care Agency, a Philadelphia based home care agency with highly trained professional home care aides that are adept at providing the best at home care that your elderly loved one could have asked for. We’ve been working for several years with countless happy customers who can vouch for us and what we do. Leave it to the professionals, so that you can find peace with giving the care to your loved ones that they properly deserve.

Care without Discrimination

So what exactly does daily care entail? Usually, we professionals undertake at-home care and provide daily care for seniors (at least in most scenarios). Taking care of the elderly person’s personal hygiene is usually at the top of our list, with bathing and dressing them being very important. Cooking and serving meals, tidying the house, the bedroom, and the kitchen along with keeping track of daily medications: like when your elderly loved one needs to take certain medications are all taken care of so that you can rest easy that your loved one is fully cared for and supported emotionally and medically.

Any other chores such as lawn maintenance, doing the laundry, going to the grocery store to buy healthy food or other necessary staple items are included as well. Being on top of doctor’s appointments and reminding when the medication runs out is also important along with being there for your elderly loved one by being a friendly shoulder to lean on, a companion and a confidant who is there to listen, empathize and provide comfort and satisfaction to the fullest.

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Daily Living Assistance

In some cases, assistance with financial matters might also prove to be beneficial, especially in cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s where there is memory loss involved. Even otherwise, money related matters can prove to be stressful sometimes, so make sure your elderly loved one is okay with handling their own money, or have us help them take care of all of their financial needs. There have been cases of fraud when it comes to money management for the elderly, so we’d suggest being cautious in such matters.

Daily care, especially for seniors who don’t suffer from a major illness or medical issue, can prove to be a blessing in disguise and help improve their quality of life massively if done right, with benefits including improved mood, sleep, and social life which in turn makes them more likely to try other things that are beneficial but they may be hesitant at first to try, such as physical exercise and meditation.

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Right Aid Home Care

Medicare &

A valuable benefit for those who have either coverage, your loved one may be fully covered for our home care services.

Trusted & Supportive

Our professionals have advanced education & extensive training will offer compassionate care to your loved ones with dignity & respect .


If your loved one needs more extensive care, we offer round the clock service so you dont have to worry when you need to leave the home.

Your Caregiver

Our team matches your loved one with one of our caregivers that would be the best fit or you can have a family member become your caregiver and be compensated.


Are you looking for a caregiver that will communicate effectively with your loved one? Our staff can speak several languages.

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