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Non-Medical Care

Philadelphia Non-Medical Care for Seniors

Professional Non-Medical Care Services

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware & Chester County

Non-medical care is the care administered to a person who may (or may not) be suffering from a medical condition of some kind, from a disability or from old age. Most requests for non-medical care stem from senior citizens who need help with certain tasks around the house or outside of it as they’re unable to complete them by themselves.

What is Non-Medical Care

Non-medical care entails cooking meals for your elderly loved ones, taking care of their home through cleaning and tending to it in any way necessary. Bathing and dressing is something that’s common, as is helping to run errands and complete various day to day tasks. Our aides can help your loved one run a computer to keep in touch with you and your family or provide companionship and trust. All of these day to day tasks are some of the hallmarks for the people here at Right Aid Home Care Agency, a Philadelphia based home care agency with trained home care aides who provide non-medical care for seniors.

Care without Discrimination

Elderly home care assistance can be challenging for all parties involved: for the aides, as the demands of the patient can at times be difficult, grueling and challenging; for the caretakers and the family members as they’d like to see their elderly loved one being more independent, which is the same issue that the senior citizens also struggle the most with. However, even having professional help in small areas can help your senior rebuild a sense of self, dignity, and pride and allows them to focus on other hobbies, tasks, and activities that can improve their quality of life and help them establish a positive outlook and attitude.

Non-medical home care is the happy medium of ensuring that your elderly loved one is fully cared for and provided for without condemning them to live at a senior home, away from the house that they have built over years and the lifetime of memories that it houses.

Who We Serve

Daily Living Assistance

Obviously, if possible, elderly people would prefer to avoid needing or asking for help doing tasks that most people don’t think twice about and that’s a valid point as no one would like to vanquish their sense of independence and self-sustainability. However, there is no shame associated with asking for help when you need it, especially when you’ve exhausted most other options. Elderly people are more likely to experience falls, and these falls can be much more traumatic, deteriorating health when not looked at soon enough or even leading to major health issues or death. These risks are heightened when the elderly live in a home by themselves and are then unable to help themselves get the treatment that they’ll need or have access to immediate assistance in the case of a fall or major accident.

In the end, despite the justifiable stigma, hiring the services of a caretaker or a home care agency might just provide you or your elderly loved one who is a senior with a sense of fulfillment and joy that they very much need as they head towards the twilight of their lives.

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Right Aid Home Care

Medicare &

A valuable benefit for those who have either coverage, your loved one may be fully covered for our home care services.

Trusted & Supportive

Our professionals have advanced education & extensive training will offer compassionate care to your loved ones with dignity & respect .


If your loved one needs more extensive care, we offer round the clock service so you dont have to worry when you need to leave the home.

Your Caregiver

Our team matches your loved one with one of our caregivers that would be the best fit or you can have a family member become your caregiver and be compensated.


Are you looking for a caregiver that will communicate effectively with your loved one? Our staff can speak several languages.

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