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In a situation where you’re unsure if you or your elderly loved one even want to consider long or short term home care, it can be difficult to assess what kind of a caregiver you need. While obviously there’s a need to be courteous and professional as characteristics of a caregiver for either full time or past time work, what type of personality works best depends heavily on the type of person that your elderly loved one is. By choosing your own caregiver, whether it is through an agency or a family member, it can help ease the transition of assisted at home care.

How Can We Choose Our Own Caregiver?

There are two ways that you can choose an at home caregiver for our parents or other family member.

  • You will be matched up with one of our certified home health aides based on several factors of the patient including required level of care and patient preferences.
  • Family members can go through training provided by Right Aid and paid for by government programs to become a certified caregiver and be compensated for it.

Get Reliable Care At Home

Some patients avoid taking their medications and might take advantage of the situation if the caregiver is nicely reminding them about their missing medication by politely telling them that it is time to take their medicine. Perhaps this type of patient needs someone more willing to directly face the situation. No one likes or looks forward to taking their meds, but in this case, a more assertive health care aid would probably be more efficient to get the job done. On the other hand, if a softer-spoken, more reserved patient is faced with a caregiver that is perhaps too direct, they may begin to feel uncomfortable. It is important for the caregiver to have a similar or complementary personality, attitude and behavioral type as this will best allow a caregiver to aid the patient.

It is important that both you and your elderly loved one like the caregiver that will be employed, because they will be spending a great deal of time in the home. If there is friction from either side, there can be long term conflict, and it can cause a negative impact on your loved one’s routine. There is also the overlap of schedules to consider, and the understanding that either side is willing to make a compromise to accommodate the other, which is always a good way of setting a precedent of respect, trust, companionship, and mutual understanding, which is what we here in Right Aid Home Care Agency, a Philadelphia home care agency, have been focusing on for years. We have a highly trained professional team of home care aids and can consult with you to better help you with your selection process.

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Choosing a caregiver can make a huge impact on the psychological wellbeing of both you and your elderly loved ones, which is why it is very important for the caregiver to understand the patient and also to listen to his problems and tend to their wants and needs. As long as those are satisfied, the schedules coincide with one another, you and your loved one are able to go ahead with a caregiver or an agency that you most enjoy working with. There is no rush to finding the perfect caregiver for your loved one. You can take your time speaking with our caregivers so it will ensure that both you and your loved one have found someone that you both trust, are comfortable with, and enjoy spending time with.

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Medicare &

A valuable benefit for those who have either coverage, your loved one may be fully covered for our home care services.

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Our professionals have advanced education & extensive training will offer compassionate care to your loved ones with dignity & respect .


If your loved one needs more extensive care, we offer round the clock service so you dont have to worry when you need to leave the home.

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Our team matches your loved one with one of our caregivers that would be the best fit or you can have a family member become your caregiver and be compensated.


Are you looking for a caregiver that will communicate effectively with your loved one? Our staff can speak several languages.

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