Right Aid Home Care is a home care agency in your area committed to offering tailored services for each stroke patient at the comfort of their home. The treatment approach includes patients’ decisions and family decision-making in safe environments.

Our goal is to ensure stroke patients recover quickly and support them being more independent as the condition improves. We partner directly with patients to ensure their care plan is fully implemented and all safety precautions are taken. Our handpicked professionals provide at-home medical care to stroke patients bringing back a sense of purpose into their lives. Below are some of the importance of at-home care for patients recovering from a stroke.

Preventing Recurring Stroke

According to the CDC, about 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke annually, and 1 in 4 have a reoccurring case within five years. Time is of the essence when one has a stroke because medical attention is required immediately to prevent death or severe paralysis. An in-home care provider can identify signs of a stroke before it happens. Most stroke victims have a high chance of having an attack if they don’t receive proper medical care. Hiring a professional home caregiver can make all the difference since they know the actions to take if a recurring attack happens. A home care agency in my area offers professional medical attention to ensure the damages are less severe.


After suffering a stroke, you will need you to need lots of assistance from your loved ones to help you regain strength. However, it may be hard for them to be available 24/7 during your recovery. You will need round-the-clock professional care from a home care agency in my area, depending on the stroke severity. Family members tend to become stressed, overburdened, and discouraged since they cannot handle such issues. Hiring a home-caregiver will help you get the professional help you require. Whether you need hourly assistance or round-the-clock help, a caregiver will be available to give you all the support. The flexibility of an in-house allows you to tailor your schedule to meet your unique needs.

Helps To Regain Independence

After suffering a stroke, most patients are left vulnerable since its strips them of their independence. Day-to-day tasks such as bathing and making your morning coffee seemingly impossible. It leads to lots of disappointment and stress, but an in-home caregiver will be available to help you regain your independence. We will help you in doing a simple exercise. To help your muscles rebuild the strength that they need. With time, you will perform simple tasks such as picking up objects and walking around the house. An in-house caregiver will help achieve all the functions that your family members cannot undertake. They will also walk with you step-by-step through the journey of rebuilding your strength until you become fully independent.

Put A Call Through

As a home care agency in my area, Right Aid Home Care offers patients various post-stroke recovery options. We are dedicated to enhancing your patients’ lives post a stroke and help them recover in the comfort of their homes. Give us a call and well-send a professional along the way.