Strokes are amongst the most serious illnesses one might experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately, said ailments are also relatively common.

Statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, typically abbreviated as the CDC, concluded that roughly 800,000 Americans suffer strokes each year and more than 130,000 die as a result.

Fortunately, however, many survive. That said, Right Home Care, a top home care agency serving Montgomery County and other suburban Philadelphia locations, cautions survivors, their families, and our loyal followers that the recovery process can be long, arduous, and requires careful planning.

Stroke Overview

Strokes occur when the brain fails to receive adequate concentrations of oxygenated blood. Such occurrences can precipitate physical manifestations including:

  • Severe headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Speech difficulties
  • Limb paralysis, especially on one side of the body
  • Facial drooping
  • Confusion
  • Cognitive disturbances

Strokes can become fatal or yield permanent damage in a matter of moments. Ergo, prompt medical assessment and treatment are paramount to survival, in addition to a more expedient recovery.

Post-Stroke Homecare

Our top home care agency serving Montgomery County stress that homecare is typically the third stage in the recovery process. In many instances, afflicted subjects will have already underwent extensive inpatient care in both a medical facility and post-hospital rehabilitation center.


A host of medical professionals will determine the specific care a homebound patient will require. Therapies will vary depending on numerous factors such as:

  • The patient’s age
  • Their general physical capabilities
  • If any other underlying health issues exist
  • What critical functionalities the stroke impacted
  • The recovery destination’s environment

After taking the preceding issues into consideration, all concerned parties will formulate a treatment plan most befitting the patient’s needs. Common therapies extended to homebound patients include:


A nursing professional will perform actions like measuring the patient’s vital statistics and ensuring they receive necessary medications.

Speech Therapy

Speech is often adversely impacted by strokes. In such cases, speech therapists help those in recovery regain lost verbal skills.

Physical Therapy

An appreciable percentage of stroke victims experienced temporary or permanent paralysis. Physical therapists create exercise regiments geared towards helping stricken individuals either regain strength and range in weakened muscles or prevent such systemic components from atrophying.

Occupational Therapy

Stroke sufferers who sustained any type of permanent physical limitations will need to relearn how to perform certain routine functions. Occupational therapists are versed in helping said subjects identify alternate or more efficient methods of executing various tasks.

Contacting Us

Stroke victims or the families of such persons residing in suburban Philadelphia are encouraged to contact us. As a top home care agency serving Montgomery County, we employ a highly trained, experienced, and professional staff possessing significant experience in stroke recovery. Please visit for further information about us and the many services we provide.