If you are looking for a local home care agency in the Philadelphia area that’s trustworthy and understanding, let us satisfy your needs. Right Aid Home Care Agency provides high-quality care at home to people with mental and/or physical impairments. Stroke care is just one type of care we offer.

What Causes a Stroke?

High blood pressure can cause a stroke. Stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and drug abuse contribute to high blood pressure. When someone has a stroke, blood flow to a certain area in the body is cut off and cells in this area die.

How Can a Stroke Change Your Life?

A stroke can affect its victim in a variety of ways. It can make speaking and moving difficult, and it can cause paralysis. It can also result in memory impairment.

How You Can Help the Person Having a Stroke?

Your fast action can save someone from a stroke. Get emergency care of you see:

  • One side of someone’s face drop
  • Trouble moving the arms
  • Problems with speaking
  • A stroke occurring

How We Can Help?

Our skilled aides can assist with everyday needs if a stroke has left someone unable to take care of himself or herself. They will give the stroke victim a bath, they will provide help with getting dressed, they will prepare all the meals, clean the house, and more. Our caregivers will focus on helping this person with speaking and moving while helping him or her emotionally. This local home care agency in the Philadelphia area will have the person under its care walking and moving again as much as possible.

If speech has become impaired after a stroke, rest assured we will provide speech therapy. We will remind the stroke victim of important matters like doctor’s appointments and when to take medication. Since the aides who work for us are also considered companions, they can help accelerate the healing process by being there for the people they care for and listening to their concerns.

We want the people under our care to have a life that’s as normal as it can be. We want our stroke victims to feel comfortable and safe in their homes. Our years of dedicated service have made many people happy.

Call Right Aid Home Care local home care agency in the Philadelphia area for yourself or a loved one. Reach us at (215) 607-2758, or contact us through our website. Besides Stroke Care, we specialize in Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, Non-Medical Care, Daily Care, Housekeeping, Temporary/Respite Care, and 24 Hour Care. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted. Make a difference in someone’s life and call Right Aid Home Care.