Home Care in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, home care agencies provide elders and individuals with special needs services. An issue can arise when these independence-centric caregivers claim to offer superior services to their competitors. While some of these companies may have more resources, some might not have a large enough staff or the right mix of caregivers. At Right Aid Home Care, we offer a certified team of compassionate caregivers to provide quality home care in Philadelphia.

Can I choose my caregiver?

Right Aid Home Care offers our clients the opportunity to choose their own caregiver from our pool of highly qualified professionals. When you choose us for home care in Philadelphia, we can match you with the perfect caregiver for your needs based on an in-depth assessment of your living situation, medical needs, and other important factors.

How do you choose a professional caregiver?

It is an important decision to make once you hire a caregiver. You have checked out various companies, and one of them has expressed their willingness to be an option for you. They have the proper credentials. However, there are other things to consider. Look at the following points:

-The best place for care: Ask about what kind of environment your caregiver will work in and how that will affect the care they provide.

-What is the caregiver’s work ethic?: Employing a caregiver is a significant commitment on your part, one that can last for years. There should be an excellent level of communication between you and your caregiver.

:Are there any policies or procedures to train the caregiver and deal with issues?: You want to make sure that your caregiver learns about their clients’ needs and how to handle their medical needs.

-How flexible is the company?: The caregiver will most likely be needed around the clock, which means they will have many responsibilities. It’s essential that they can be available when you need them.

-The qualifications of the caregivers in the agency: If they are already working within the company and have been trained, it shows that their capabilities are equal to or higher than those of any other home care company.

-What is the agency’s track record?: You want to find out if they have been involved in any lawsuits or if they have had complaints made against them.

-How much of your personal information will be shared with them?: Hiring a caregiver is an open and intimate relationship, so you need to know what information you can share with the caregiver and what would remain between you and the caregiver.

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Deciding on a home care agency that can be a fit for your needs is an important decision to make. After you have taken the time to make your choice, you will be able to see how well it works for you and how it interacts with other agencies. You can also develop a personal relationship with someone working within your home. Contact Right Aid Home Care today to learn more about our compassionate caregivers.