For people of every age, exercise and movement contribute to health and longevity. Our top home care agency in the area is a collaborative solution to the sedentary lifestyle risks for many clients who want companionship to keep moving. Our caregivers provide exercise assistance care to supplement family efforts to make physical activity part of their loved one’s life.

Exercise Benefits

Sure, a slim waistline and jeans we wore in college are strong motivators to work out. However, reasons to get active and stay there extend far beyond appearance.

  • Exercise boosts blood circulation, sends oxygen to vital organs and promotes toxin release.
  • Exercise brings on “feel good” hormones such as dopamine, to encourage a joyful sense of well-being.
  • Exercise motivates the digestive system, so foods can move through and exit the body more smoothly.
  • Exercise supports healthy eating, as the accomplishment sparks an overall wellness mindset people want to continue.

Common Reasons Exercise Ends

We sympathize with concerns when a loved one stays home or appears to never leave their favorite chair. Our top home care agency in the area prioritizes exercise as just as crucial to caregivers’ skills as housework, medication reminders and errands. We will first seek to understand some reasons exercise ended or lessened, then help to reverse them.

  • Chronic pain and long-term disabilities cause people to fear pain with movement, when in fact it can help.
  • People lose lifelong partners and children they stayed most active with, so their favorite activities bring grief responses.
  • Distance is far to locations where favorite activities used to be practiced, such as walking at stores or in nature.

Best Caregiver-Led Exercises

Our caregivers develop close relationships with clients and families. They will have great ideas on the best activities. People of all ability levels can adapt quickly to common exercises.

  • Chair Yoga. Mild stretches and movements increase blood flow and pain relief, all while seated.
  • Walking. A stroll around the house perks up the mind and spirit while a 30-minute walk outside increases cardiovascular health.
  • Resistance Bands. These light bands can also give a seated workout, boost the heart rate and build muscle.
  • Swimming. Our caregivers would love to get your loved one to a local pool or day spa.

We are proud of our top home care agency in the area for recognizing social-emotional aspects of caregiving, including activity and exercise. We want to help inspire your loved one toward what they can do, not what they can not. Call us today and it will be our pleasure to get your loved one moving.