If your parents have Alzheimer’s, there is some point in life where you will need to look for help caring for them. Since it might get hard to live by themselves, you will have one question. What is the best home care agency for my parents? There are several out there, and choosing the best will be necessary. You have to ensure that they will be safe and will receive all the attention they need.

What are the Types of Alzheimer’s Care Services

Before you answer the “what is the best home care agency for my parents” question, you first have to understand the different types of care services offered. The groups are:

1. Respite Care

This is the kind of service where the caregiver is relieved of several hours from the daily duty of looking after an Alzheimer’s patient. For respite care, you will find two different types of services offered.

The first one, in-home services, is where your parents will be taken care of and helped with personal care and housekeeping duties such as taking a bath, going for exercises, and wearing clothes. The other, adult day services, is where the caregiver organizes activities for patients to participate in and interact through activities such as dancing programs, support groups, music, and playing games.

2. Hospice Care

The main purpose of hospice care is reducing and managing pain when an Alzheimer’s patient’s state worsens. It is a way of giving the patient hope and comfort when the disease is nearly overpowering them.

Hospice care can be done in a home or nursing facility. Most of the care services are recommended by the patient’s doctor. After visiting the facility, the patient is evaluated to develop the most suitable program for them.

3. Residential Care

Moving your parents into residential care will be one hardest decisions that you will be required to make. However, it is one of the most suitable ways to care for them since they will receive all the attention they need from the residential facility.

There are different types of residential care. They include:

  • Basic-assisted living
  • Retirement facility
  • Nursing home and communities

How do I Choose the Best Home Care Agency for my Parents?

Below are some helpful tips to help you make an informed decision.

  • Visit different agencies and assess them based on your needs
  • Do background checking on these agencies, including certifications and work history
  • Inquire about the experience of the agency
  • Go through their supervision process. How does the agency ensure that the proper care and support services are being delivered?
  • Meet several potential caregivers
  • Go through reviews or ask for references
  • Discuss their care plan.

If you want the best for your parents, call us today. We will provide you with more information and help through this journey.