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24 Hour Home Care in Haverford

24-Hour Home Care for Seniors in Haverford

When is it time for 24-Hour Senior Home Care?

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware & Chester County

24-hour home care may not be the typical solution that comes to mind when you realize that you or your elderly loved one needs around the clock care. For this reason, many in this type of position end up choosing a long term care facility. This type of choice may work well in some cases, but for those who want the comfort and familiarity of home, a 24-hour in-home care service may be just the right fit. Right Aid Home Care Agency offers all of the assistance and reliability of a long term care facility, while keeping you and your loved one safe at home. Offering its own considerable benefit, the quality of care received is just as good as any nursing or old age home in Haverford.

A lot of times, you might wonder when one needs 24-hour senior home care, especially when you are in between trying to accept a loved ones’ limitations in completing daily tasks. It is important not to wait on an emergency to occur before deciding that it’s time for a 24-hour senior home care for Haverford residents.  Many elderly people go through stages of Dementia and Alzheimer, experience sleeplessness, and need company or assistance when they’re unable to sleep. Seniors may often have trouble getting a glass of water in the middle of the night or even getting up for a bathroom break. On several occasions, we have tended to sleepwalking patients who could injure or seriously maim themselves if left unassisted. 

Through what we have seen in Haverford patients, we have found that 24-hour home care, specifically for Dementia, is crucial for those who are in their farther stages, which is anywhere between 10 to 15 years after being diagnosed. It is time for senior home care when the patient is unsafe at home beyond their capabilities and the patient is no longer able to perform independent self care—all of which are a product of latent stages in Dementia. There are some cases where one of these examples occur more often than the other, however, these are signs telling it is time for 24-hour care service. The benefit of an at home care service is that none of these issues will get out of hand with Right Aid Home Care Agency.

What Services does a 24-hour Home Care Agency offer?

The most important thing is to be there for your elderly loved one by building a support system. We just help make things easier and more efficient by providing cognitive exercises to strengthen the brain, such as playing stimulating music, solving puzzles and problems together. RightAid Home Care Agency serving Haverford offers a comfortable and satisfying environment for your elderly loved one to live in. On top of that, we are proud to say our experienced home health aides in Haverford are on board with providing emotional care and companionship to you or your loved one.

While you have the option to choose your caregiver, we offer the following 24-hour home care services in Haverford for seniors:

Medical Care services for seniors is one of our top priorities in home care. This includes seniors and elderly with health issues and disabilities, such as Alzheimer, Dementia, Stroke, and more. Right Aid Home Care starts with comprehensive medical assessments by using a holistic approach with all senior patients. Some of what this looks like is assisting seniors with pain management, medication management, post operative care, and more.

Dementia Care is a delicate service that might not be taken into account as often as it should. Dementia is a real condition that causes loss of memory, judgement, reasoning, and cognition. At Right Aid Home Care Agency, we put ourselves in the shoes of elderly patients experiencing Dementia and we understand how tough it can be for the patient and family members that might be involved. The middle to late stages of dementia are the typical call time for 24-hour senior care services. Instead of having a facility filled with many unknown people, a one-on-one approach to such a delicate circumstance can create a rather thriving environment.

Stroke Care is important, especially when you have the responsibility to perform full service personal care for your loved one. It can be heartbreaking, yet stressful, when you have difficulty communicating with whom you once knew to communicate with. We alleviate some of your responsibilities by coming to your home or your senior’s place of stay to assist with all daily necessities. Our experienced home health aides attend to helping with food preparation, housekeeping, bathe and dressing, and taking care of house chores. Read more on how Right Aid stroke care can be of help today.

Is 24-Hour Senior Home Care right for your family?

There are some fears that follow the reality of an elderly loved one living alone, especially when there are other health conditions involved. Considering the times we are living in now, COVID 19, it is extremely important to make sure of the excessive stress that may come with daily personal care is eliminated. A 24-hour home health aide that practices safety regulations is the right choice for you. Our aides work hand in hand with us to bring you peace of mind. They not only get tested periodically for COVID 19, but they wear their masks and practice social distancing at all times.

There are many quality of life benefits when one receives 24-hour in-home care for Haverford residents, some of them include:

  • Less stress. This is what we want for you. Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we take the weight off by assisting all patients with social, health, and personal care necessities. 
  • Injury is one of the most common incidents that can occur when a senior has no help or a family member is no longer able to help in lifting the patient for certain personal needs, such as bathing or getting dressed for the day. We make sure to hire the best home health aides who are trained on how to avoid injuries. 
  • Safety, to say the least, is a boost to your quality of life. Our current climate calls for less interaction with the outside world and more emphasis on safety. While the options to take seniors outdoors may be limited, we find unique ways to improve daily activities, instead of having you or your loved one sit at home all day. Schedule a free consultation today and find out more on how Right Aid 24 hour senior home care is right for you. 

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